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The SWAG Experience

Congratulations to the 2022 SWAG Awardees

On behalf of the SWAG Committee, we extend our gratitude, appreciation and thanks to each sponsor, vendor, attendee and support of the 2022 SWAG awards.

The daily expectations of a social worker are high and the compensation in many ways can feel low. Every person who poured into the SWAG Awards not only helped make this day special, but helped to increase compassion satisfaction by showing appreciation for the heart work provided by social workers. 


To the sponsors: I am grateful for your continued belief and unwavering support in our mission to honor and celebrate the heart work of social workers.


To the vendors: Thank you for doing your part and oftentimes going above and beyond the call of duty to make this day extra special for our social workers.


To the attendees: Thank you for taking time our of your weekend to show up and support this important work.


To the committee: I enjoy working with and learning from all of you. The way each of you offer your time, energy, resources and creativity so freely to assist in the growth of the SWAG Awards is a blessing and I thank you.


To the awardees: While one day does not capture the importance of the services you provide; we hope that honoring you and your heart work during social work month can serve as a foundation of encouragement on those challenging, or in our best social work refaming voice "character building days."


Social workers instill hope in the midst of hopelessness

Bring peace when there is chaos

Help make life worth living


You and your work are essential.

"Thank you for appreciating a profession that is often unnoticed or unappreciated"


"It was a great event and one that is sorely needed. Kudos to Sharise and the planning committee!!"


"Great to finally see Social Workers represented and recognized for the work they do"


"It was nice to be in a room full of many Social Work colleagues with shared education and training."

2022 Highlight Reel

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