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What is SWAG?

S.W.A.G: Social Worker Appreciation of Greatness Awards mission is to honor the “heart work” of local social work heroes that is oftentimes unappreciated and unrecognized.  The goal of the annual SWAG awards ceremony is to recognize social workers in the Greater Pittsburgh Area who exemplify servant leadership through their commitment to promoting advocacy, social justice, generational healing and building stronger communities.

When was SWAG established?

The S.W.A.G (Social Worker Appreciation of Greatness) Awards Ceremony was created in March 2019 following the online celebration of historical African American social workers during Black History Month and the online recognition of local social workers during National Social Work month by Vitamin C Healing. The inaugural event was held virtually in March, 2022.  The annual S.W.A.G awards ceremony will be held each March in honor of National Social Work month.

Who is eligible for the SWAG award?

SWAG award candidates must reside and practice in the Greater Pittsburgh region including neighboring counties within a 20 mile radius,  hold a degree in social work (Bachelors, Master’s Doctorate), 3 years of experience in the social work field, and uphold the social work core values.

How do I submit a quality nomination for the SWAG Awards?

When submitting a SWAG nomination, make sure you have as much information on the nominee as possible.  Take time to read the nomination form and if you are struggling to elaborate on your nominee’s contributions to the profession, ask them or someone who has more information on their work. Also, take the time to highlight their professional experiences, including specific examples of how they have exemplified servant leadership.  Share specific examples of how your nominee has helped change the trajectory of the social work profession  For example, a response of “this social worker deserves to be nominated as a SWAG awardee because they have dedicated 10 years of service to the profession” is not enough.  “This social worker deserves to be nominated as a SWAG awardee because they have dedicated 20 years of service in the profession advocating for ______, volunteering ______, leading _______ paints a bigger picture of their passion, service, and commitment to the social work profession.  

How are SWAG Awardees selected?

Each year, the selection committee uses a point system process to select 7 social workers along with up to 3 specialty social work awards who have gone above and beyond the call of duty to uphold the social work core values of human relationships, dignity and worth, competence and integrity, social justice and service.

When are nominations?

Nominations generally open each year in September and close by the end of October.  Visit to nominate a social worker.​

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