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Andre B Hemby "There for Me" Award

In honor of my late father, Andre B Hemby who lost his battle with COVID-19 in December 2020, we created The Andre B Hemby "There for Me" Social Worker Supporter Award to recognize the support and sacrifices of the parents, caregivers, mentors, coaches, or any other parental figures who played significant roles in the lives of our S.W.A.G awardees.


Nneka Nneka Hawthorne. .jpeg

The 2023 recipient of the Andre B Hemby "There for Me"  was presented Nneka Nneka Hawthorne. Nneka has served as supervisor, life long supporter and mentor to 2023 SWAG awardee Angela Campbell.  Nneka's unconditional support for Angela along her social work and life journey mirrored the relationship between my father and I.


The 2022 recipient of The Andre B Hemby "There for Me" Award was Mr. Richard Weidner. Mr. Weidner is the father of 2022 SWAG Awardee Jenna Weidner and has been an unconditional supporter of Jenna and the social work profession.


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