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2021 History


  • Camberly Abajian, MSW

  • Aerion Abney, MSW

  • Jeanine Baxter, MSW

  • Julius A. Boatwright, MSW, LSW

  • Tamiah Bridgett, MSW

  • Heather Crowe, BSW, MA

  • Jose Diaz, MSW

  • Kiva A Fisher-Green, MSW, LCSW

  • Rikel S. Ford, Ph.D, LSW, MA

  • Johnnie Geathers, MSW, LSW

  • Erica L. Givner, Ph.D,  LCSW

  • Shanon Hughes, BASW

  • Medina Jackson, MSW

  • Dr. Emma T. Lucas-Darby, Ph.D, LSW, NCGC

  • Loleda I. Moman, MA, MSW

  • Maddie Nagel, MSW

  • Rev Dr. Nichelle Nelson, M.Div, MSW

  • Marcus A. Poindexter, Ph.D, MSW, LSW

  • Ta’Lor L. Pinkston, MSW, LSW

  • Lauren Stoner, LCSW

  • Dr. Christopher Wayne Robinson, LSW


  • Opening Remarks: Nicole Narvaez Lewis

  • Keynote Speaker: Tiffany LaVette

  • Mistress of Ceremonies: Heather Hopson


  • University of Pittsburgh School of Social Work

  • UPMC Health Plan

  • YWCA

  • American Healthcare 

  • Riverside Innovation

  • CCAC

  • Riverside Center for Innovation

  • Brown Mamas

  • Western and Southern Life

  • Right Development, LLC

  • KLA Web Designs

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