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Past  Awardees

2024 SWAG Awardees
Dr. Latika D Davis-Jones, PHD, MPH, MSW
Marcus Flourney, MSW, LCSW
Jessica Gurley, MSW, LCSW
Jaquayla Huger, MSW, LSW
Demi Kolke, MSW
Ramon "Tony" Rivera, LCSW
Mauri Tate, LCSW
Daphne Salter Austin, MSW, LSW, LMT - Lifetime Achievement Award
Dr. Staci Ford, BSW - Entreprenuer of the Year Award
Melcon Huger - There For Me Social Work Supporter Award
2023 SWAG Awardees

Angela Campbell, MSW
Aliya D Durham, PHD, MSW, MPIA
Kiera Mallett, LSW
Anette Nance, MSW
Tetra Thorne. LSW
Mikea Wall, LCSW
Kimberly Washington, LCSW
Molly Burke Allwein, LSW - Changemaker Award
Tanya Ashby, LSW - Lifetime Achievement Award
Nneka Hawtho
rne - There For Me Social Work Supporter Award

2022 SWAG Awardees

Mark Brentley, MSW
Chanda Cunningham, MSW, LSW
Dawn Gordon, MSW, LSW, M.Ed
George Little Jr, MSW
Jaquala Lowery, MSW, LSW
Ashley Pesi, MSW
Jenna Weidner, LCSW
Richard Weidner - There for Me Social Work Supporter Award

2021 SWAG Awardees

Camberly Abajian, MSW
Aerion Abney, MSW
Jeanine Baxter, MSW
Julius A. Boatwright, MSW, LSW
Tamiah Bridgett, MSW
Heather Crowe, BSW, MA
Jose Diaz, MSW
Kiva A Fisher-Green, MSW, LCSW
Ford, Ph.D, LSW, MA
Johnnie Geathers, MSW, LSW
Erica L. Givner, Ph.D,  LCSW
Shanon Hughes, BASW
Medina Jackson, MSW
Dr. Emma T. Lucas-Darby, Ph.D, LSW, NCGC
Loleda I. Moman, MA, MSW
Maddie Nagel, MSW
Rev Dr. Nichelle Nelson, M.Div, MSW
Marcus A. Poindexter, Ph. D, MSW, LSW
Ta’Lor L. Pinkston, MSW, LSW
Lauren Stoner, LCSW
Dr. Christopher Wayne Robinson, LSW

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